Diana Rusinova

European Center for Transport Policies


Diana Russinova is an experienced leader, expert, and innovator in transport risk management and prevention of traffic accident injuries and fatalities. As a Founder and Chairwoman of the European Center for Transport Policies, her goals include targeted road safety inspections, using a scientific approach in determining the causes behind traffic accident fatalities, providing independent investigations and road safety assessments. Mrs. Russinova has been recognized by European and Bulgarian Government Public Officials for her extraordinary commitment to finding new methods to further improve the safety and efficiency of transportation infrastructure globally. Diana’s passion for road safety inspection and assessment can be traced back to the Agency of Transport Research and Prognosis ten years ago, where she spent ninety percent of her time administering all projects related to transport management and building a strong team. In addition, she is also the author of a numerous publications, interviews, articles and opinions referring to road safety issues.